Explosion proof LED lighting solutions from Leizur. Installations in industries where there is potential hazard of flammable gases, dust or liquids. Certified for Hazardous Area classification Zone 1 &2. Corrosion resistant and high ambient temperature withstanding light fixture designs. Robust LED fixtures with low power consumption and nil or low maintenance. Long term warranties and after sales services.

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FXC970SL Explosionproof LED Street Light

ATEX Certified LED street light with pole mounting bracket
Products certified to ATEX / IECEx to meet requirements of UK / European / Middleeast standards. Leizur LTD Ex-lighting range covers all model fixtures required for an Oil & Gas plants, Offshore drilling rigs, Chemical storage facilities, Fuel tank farms, Food Industry. Ex-plosion proof Floodlights, Ex-High Bays, Explosionproof Linear, Exit lights, Work site Lights etc. We support our clients with complete lighting designs and ROI calculations.