Food Industry lighting

Food industry light

Food Safety lighting

In the food and beverages industries, Food industry lighting light up a room has unique photometric, sanitary, and electrotechnical issues. the following are the only practical lighting fixtures:

Include  tempered glass, only covered light sources, break-resistant, and, depending on their use, can withstand dampness, cold, vibrations, and chemical cleaners.

The entire food supply chain is subject to these prerequisites. The same stringent criteria that apply to businesses engaged in food production and processing also apply to businesses engaged in food distribution when choosing food safety lights. Even packaging makers for food goods are required to adhere to safety regulations like HACCP Certifications.

Leizur has supported food manufacturers for a long time with high-quality, dependable luminaire solutions that meet all these exacting requirements in the areas of production, storage, and delivery. Our offering also comprises strong highbay luminaires and continuous high-efficiency LED lines in addition to weatherproof luminaires.

Significance of lighting in food processing facilities according to Leizur

All types of business establishments need adequate illumination. It enables comfortable illumination and excellent eyesight, which may guarantee efficient operation. Lighting up establishments like food processing plants, however, can be more difficult. According to the top commercial lighting manufacturers, food processing facilities frequently have their unique lighting requirements, and the lighting in these spaces must meet strict standards.

The two most important factors involved with food processing facilities are safety and compliance. To keep their products secure and free of contamination, these facilities must adhere to rigid criteria. For instance, certain regions in these facilities frequently have a highly controlled and important atmosphere, necessitating the use of specialised food safety lighting solutions.

  1. Ensures the health and safety of employees
  2. Aids in upholding standards for food processing
  3. Ensures smooth operation in extremely hot or cold conditions.

At Leizur, we think light-efficient lights, specifically LEDs, are crucial for lowering total maintenance and operating expenses. Food and beverage businesses already have substantial equipment that uses a lot of electricity. By switching to food industry lighting systems, businesses may secure energy and financial savings while also improving the health and safety of their workforce. We also have perfect solution for hospital lighting .


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