LED Street Light – Myths n realities (Leizur CB/ENEC/CE Certificated)


* Patent designed Die Casting Aluminum housing with electrostatic powder coating

*Self-design professional optical lens(PMMA) based on the standard of road lighting in Europe, Type II ME1-ME5 available.

*Lumileds 3030, L80@54,000hs at 35℃, TM21 L70(10K)>60,000hrs

*5MM tempering glass (external cover ) to guarantee IK08

*Fixable fitter: ± 0-5-10-15°

*Smart control parts optional for smart city( Photo cell,NB-loT, Philips CityTouch flex )

* 2700K(CRI90)/3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K available

*Typical Luminous Efficiency: 140lm/W(CRI80), 150lm/W(CRI70)

*0-10V / 1-10V / DALI / DALI 2 available

*IP66, IK08, 5-Y warranty

*CB, CE, ENEC certificated by Bureau Veritas


Which optics are available?


M1-M2 for trunk roads with lanes, 8-10m poles.

M3-SE for side roads with a single or 2 lanes max.

SE means Special Edition which is the model we specially make for small power streetlights.

What number of leds are there applied with the Philips led?

Source ( Philips/Cree 3030). There are two versions, one is called Ordinary version offering from 28W to 180W with Inventronics & Meanwell driver. The other called High-end version offering from 75W to 150W with Philips driver

Which Lumileds are you using? Can you give offer with led 5050?

LED source: Lumileds 3030. 5050 is negative because the lens is our own design, the design was based on Lumileds 3030

How about SPD? Which brand? Certification?

SPD: Pedaro. See the details : http://www.pedaro.com.cn/en/index.php?ac=article&at=read&did=439

This is the standard SPD we use, meanwhile, we could be able to use the pointed brand if necessary.

Life span we are looking for is minimum L80@54,000 at 35c , can you meet requirement? Do you have TM21 test report?

Today we have even L90@100,000hr.

Environmental temperature: 35℃, L80 54000H is not a problem. Based on EMC 3030 components, at 35℃ , can NOT get up to L90@100,000hr.

How about DALI drivers from Osram, Tridonic can they fit inside your luminaries?

The fixture was designed based on Philips DALI, passed the temperature test, 10000H for the driver is guaranteed @ 35℃

What optics are you using? Which kind of lens?

Lens: PMMA + 5mm tempering glass (external cover ) to guarantee IK08

What light distribution diagrams available?




Can you produce it CLASSII ? double isolation?

Both Class I and Class II are available. Class I can make double isolation, Class II can NOT as Class II lamps no grounding

Which certificates do you have?

CB & CE. ENEC is pending, will take a few more weeks to get the certifications.

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